Excursions in Montenegro
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"Each individual excursion in Montenegro is an unforgettable adventure, it is a separate story that we write with you, and every time I live it on a new"

Maria Borisenko
Founder Guides4.me and licensed guide for Montenegro

About me

My name is Maria Borisenko. I am a personal guide in Montenegro and my main specialization is individual tours of Montenegro. Here I live and work for more than four years, and I not only study and travel to the famous landmarks of the country and the Balkans and write in my blog about Montenegro, but I also show unique places that local residents know and it is almost impossible to find information in guides and in social networks.

Montenegro is a great place to live and travel, and I like to discover and show this country to people who, like me, are restless travelers and inquisitive.

My experience as an personal guide - more than 3 years and during this time I spent not one dozen personal tours with my favorite guests and tourists!

Now we are a team of professional guides, occupying leading positions in the Montenegrin tour market.
And it all began so ...

Popular Tours

Popular individual tours of Montenegro and the Balkans
Sightseeing tour - Montenegro tour
The most fascinating and one of the most popular excursions in Montenegro is the Montenegro tour. On this excursion you can visit the most beautiful places of Kotor Bay, see Boka Kotorska from a bird's-eye view, visit the mountains, taste local specialties in national restaurants and much much more! ...

Duration: 8 hours
Price: 150 Euro
Excursion from Montenegro to Albania
We suggest you to make an personal tour from Montenegro to the "mysterious" Albania on a comfortable seven local minivan or a car with a licensed guide.

Duration: 10 hours
Price: 250 Euro
Excursion from Montenegro to Bosnia and Herzegovina (Trebinje, Mostar, Kravica Waterfal)
In the excursion program: walking through the ancient streets of Trebinje with an amazing history, acquaintance with cozy monasteries, visiting the wonderful ancient city of Mostar, bathing and photo sessions on the Kravitsa waterfall!
Duration: 10 - 12 hours
Price: 300 euros

Choose your individual tour of Montenegro

Do not doubt, any of the chosen tours by you will leave unforgettable impressions, and the most beautiful photos made in unique places will become real hits in your photo albums!
Having visited Montenegro for the first time, you will be extremely surprised how much this small but amazing country of unforgettable beauty and diversity offers, located on the most beautiful stretch of the Adriatic coast!

Here left the traces of the great empire. Old cities keep the face of the Venetian era. In the mountains, dozens of fortresses of the Austro-Hungarian period survived, and on the coast you are waiting for artifacts of Roman civilization.

The Montenegrin coast is one of the most beautiful and crystal clear pieces of the Adriatic, and the beaches are amazing with variety.

Mountain serpentines give travelers the opportunity to admire the stunning views of Boka Bay of Kotor, Skadar Lake, Moracha River canyon and Tara River canyon, Piva Lake, overgrown with water lilies Rijeka Crnojevic and, of course, the beautiful island of St. Stefan.

The Durmitor National Park can be traversed through beautiful, asphalt roads by car, crossed on a bicycle or trail along hiking routes, admiring the beautiful meadows and mountain lakes.
Some of the travels in Montenegro
This video was shot by our favorite tourists on a smartphone and with the help of a quadrocopter during several individual tours around Montenegro
For active people and extremals in Montenegro our individual guides organize:
    • excursion horseback riding in Ivanovo Koryto, in Kolasin and Zabljak
    • tours on quadrocycles in Lovchen and Kolasin
    • enduro - moto trips on impassability or mountain trails of Montenegro on motorcycles
    • flights over the Adriatic on a paraglider
    • kitesurfing on Velika Plaža in Ulcinj
    • Zip Line - flights through the canyons by a tight metal cable
    • diving and snorkeling in the open sea and in Boka Kotorskaia Bay
    • hunting in Montenegrin forests with professional guides
    • fishing from the shore on the Adriatic, fishing from a boat in the open sea, on Skadar and Bilechko lakes, fishing on the mountain rivers of Montenegro
    • yachting - walks and charters on a yacht along the Adriatic Sea and Boka Kotorska Bay
    • kayaking, windsurfing, sapsurfing in Boka Kotorska Bay, on the Adriatic Sea and Skadar Lake
    • rafting on the river Tara in the north of Montenegro
    • speleological tours to the caves of Montenegro

    For lovers of unity with nature and a healthy lifestyle, pure mountain air and ecological products guides4.me will offer rest in ethno and eco villages of Montenegro where you can live a few days in small wooden houses, enjoy the nature, clean water and air, and only natural food products!
    Экскурсии по Черногории, индивидуальный гид по Черногории, русскоязычный гид черногория
    Despite the small in size and population of the country - this is not the entire list of types of recreation and entertainment that can offer you Montenegro!

    Our guides will be happy to work with you on any of the selected tours in Montenegro and the Balkan countries, each of which can be reached by car in a couple of hours!
    We will offer you comfortable cars in view of the number of people who want to visit this or that excursion.

    We love working with families and children - no one will be bored with us even on the longest excursions in Montenegro!

    Our guides in Montenegro guarantee you a lot of unforgettable impressions from every excursion and dozens of wonderful photos made in the most beautiful places of the country!

    Our prices for individual tours of Montenegro and the Balkans are available for any tourist and do not hit your pocket!

    We work without prepayment, and book a tour very easily, you only need information about your chosen tour of Montenegro or neighboring countries, the date of the excursion, the number of people and the city in which you rest or plan a holiday in Montenegro.

    We are a team of enthusiastic professional individual guides in Montenegro speaking your language and knowing all the subtleties, specifics and mentality of this country.

    Welcome! And we will do everything for your holiday in Montenegro!

    Why an individual tour and why with guides4.me?
    Экскурсии по Черногории, индивидуальный гид по Черногории, русскоязычный гид Черногория
    Freedom of choice
    You can build the most interesting route for yourself, change it during the tour and we will help you in this! We together with you can organize absolutely non-standard excursion and we will add it with various entertainments!
    We do not hurry and do not rush anyone.
    If you are a photographer, or an amateur longer to admire the beautiful places, or in our team are small children - we make as many stops as necessary and conduct a tour at your pace! Have a rest, admire, enjoy your excursion!
    We will pass there where the bus will not pass!
    An individual tour of Montenegro with us is a beautiful place where you can make unique pictures, which will not pass a large tourist bus, but our comfortable cars will pass.
    Экскурсии по Черногории, индивидуальный гид по Черногории, русскоязычный гид Черногория
    Feedback from our customers
    from all corners of the world
    Happy faces and kind reviews of our tourists are the main incentive to make more and more discoveries in this country and create unusual routes!
    We visited Montenegro with the whole family in early July 2017. I want to thank Maria for two completely different, but equally fascinating excursions: 1. The museum - the manor / palace of the ruler of Nicholas and the cafe, where they cook the most delicious cream-pita, visited the Holy Places + in Cetina; 2. In the Boko-Kotorska Bay + visit the oyster farm with tasting products. It was very interesting and informative. These were really individual excursions. Maria pre-negotiated with us the route and our interests. I told you about the history of Montenegro and its modern life. Our children had an interest in learning the Serbian language, Maria was so interested in this.
    In May 2017 came to Kotor on a cruise and spent the day with Maria. I really enjoyed the tour. Maria is a very nice little man, she was sympathetic to everyone in our group, answered all questions, we were very pleased with Maria and of course we will recommend it to our friends who will be in Kotor. Thank you very much Maria and I wish you every success in your work !!!
    Granddaughter organized us an excursion with the charming Maria. Everything was just luxury! Maria is a very interesting guide, which turned our excursion into Bosnia into an extraordinary journey! Thank you so much!!!
    In 2017, in July, visited Montenegro for the first time. I really enjoyed the excursions with Maria. Everything went unobtrusively, as if we were walking with an old friend, and she told us the story of Montenegro for one thing. The routes were negotiated in advance, taking into account our needs, since we also flew the drones, Maria advised where it would be better to stop for the take-off area. Thank you! We will address, as there was still a lot of things that I wanted to see and learn)
    Blog about Montenegro
    In my blog I write about interesting places, events in Montenegro and life in the Balkans.
    Transfer from airport
    In addition to individual excursions, we organize transfer from the airport of Taiwat and Podgorica.
    We will meet with a nameplate at the exit from the airport, provide a comfortable and comfortable trip to your hotel, answer all your questions and help you settle into a hotel or apartment.
    +382 69 202 350

    Contact me for any questions about tours in Montenegro, I will be happy to help.
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