Author's walking tours with children in National Park Durmitor, Montenegro

Exciting mountain hiking trips with children in Durmitor, Zabljak, Montenegro, as well as master classes with forest gifts from Durmitor, mountain quests, hand made and much more!
Great idea for a fun holiday with children - to spend them outdoors in the mountains of Durmitor! In the incredible valley of the National Park, in the heart of Montenegro, the center of real mountain adventures, we offer exciting and useful time and learn a lot! Take children with you or gather a group of friends and go hiking - it will be an unforgettable vacation!
Our trips to the mountains are accompanied by the most interesting "mountain quests", acquaintance and study of the nature of the National Park, gathering and acquaintance with forest herbs, berries and mushrooms, and after the hikes we conduct master classes about cooking goodies from do our own hands to create souvenirs and crafts from natural materials collected in this unique place!
What awaits you?
Hiking to the peaks of Durmitor
Mountain quests and riddles of the north of Montenegro
Nature Study National Park
Hand Made from the treasures of Durmitor
Where is everything going
Three and a half hours drive from the Montenegrin coast, at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level, is Durmitor National Park, with a total area of 390 km², listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
This park was created in 1952 and includes the canyons of the Tara River (the second largest after the Grand Canyon of Colorado), Susita, Draga and the Durmitor mountain range.
It was here that we created our "Prival Club", from where the most interesting routes to the tops of the majestic mountains begin - Savin Kuk, Bobotov Kuk, to the valleys of the Durmitor reserve and the most beautiful glacial Black Lake.
Camp "Prival Club" at the foot of Savin Kuk is our base - it is a place for rest and creativity, conducting various master classes, creating interesting handicrafts and souvenirs and just having a good time with family and friends!
What trips are waiting for us
The town of Zabljak in the Durmitor National Park is a place that is equally interesting to visit for adults and the whole family with children, so we go on hikes in three different routes, depending on the composition of your team:
Trekking "Light" - 5 hours
Fascinating 5-hour hike mode "light": We conquer the peak Savin Kuk, height 2313 m. From the top there are stunning views of Zabljak, Tara canyon and other picturesque attractions of the local region. The whole team is actively involved in the mountain quest, with the search for various treasures following our mountain route! We collect and study healthy herbs, mushrooms, berries (depending on the season) from which we will prepare flavored teas, jams and other goodies at the campsite in the evening. We are looking for "natural materials" for our future crafts. Next we go down to the "business card" of Durmitor at the Black Lake, where you can swim and make amazing photos!
Trekking "Medium" - 8 hours
Early ascent, a hearty breakfast and we start the whole day hike through the top of Savin Kuk (2313 m), conquer the top of Bear Mountain, go through the picturesque valley and the coniferous forests and go down to the Black Lake. During our trip: picking berries, mushrooms, roots and herbs. Exciting quests and quests throughout the journey. Swimming in the glacial Black Lake, swimming in boats, returning to the campsite, "hand-made" and "master-classes" for the preparation of delicious and healthy from the gifts of Durmitor. Well, in the conclusion of the Russian bath on the wood!
"Hard" trek - 2 days
Two-day trip, with all necessary equipment with an overnight stay in the mountains.
In two days of this fascinating campaign we will conquer 4 main peaks of Durmitor Park, visit small national settlements, walk more than 25 km on foot, and part of the route on horseback. We will sleep in tents, cook on the fire, collect firewood and get water! We learn a lot of interesting things about the nature of the north of Montenegro and make amazing photos!
This hike is for the physically resilient and steadfast in spirit!
  • Depending on the length of the route and the composition of our team, we will be equipped with snack foods, stock up on food for cooking lunch, or visit a national restaurant and enjoy Montenegrin specialties!
  • On the Black Lake we ride in a rowing boat or canoe
  • At the end of each route, we will be awaited by a car for delivery to the campsite.
  • Depending on the route, we provide the necessary camping equipment: trekking poles, tents, equipment for heating and cooking.
  • For "hand made" and "master classes" in our campsite "Prival Club" there is a workshop, blanks and craft equipment.
In each campaign we are accompanied by our good and irreplaceable friend - the GoPro camera!
Cost of participation
Our trips are suitable for both adults and children. However, choosing a mountain adventure, we hope that you will take into account the age, physical and moral training, your own and your family or team members!
What is included:
Hiking and inventory
  • Напитки, закуски и продукты для приготовления обеда
  • Необходимый походный инвентарь: трекинговые палки, палатки, оборудование для обогрева и приготовления еды
  • Туристический сбор за посещение Национального парка и Черного озера
  • Увлекательный квест в горах "Поиск Дурмиторских сокровищ"
  • Сбор трав, ягод и грибов - изучение северной флоры
  • Уроки "выживания" в дикой природе
  • Прогулка на лодке или каноэ по Черному озеру
  • Заготовки и материалы для "хенд мейда" и "мастер классов" в кемпинге
  • Съемка всех наших впечатлений на камеру GoPro
  • Посещение русской бани на дровах в Клубе Привал

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