Walking tour Budva Old Town

Fascinating and informative tour of the main resort of the coast - the city of Budva
About the tour
Tour of the Old Town of Budva on foot - a detailed, fascinating and informative tour of the main resort of the coast. Choosing what to see in Montenegro, start with a tour of the Old Town of Budva. The tour will help to understand what you want: see the old cities or drive through the national parks of Montenegro.

A tour of the Old Town of Budva is a walking tour of the old town. Easy and enjoyable. And the city is really very old, it was founded in the 5th century, and then BC. In the whole history in Budva, many authorities have changed, but even today there are visible traces of each empire and historical segment.

The ancient Greeks founded Budva, followed by the Romans, Slavic princes, Venetians and Austrians. In the 20th century, Budva became part of the new Yugoslav state, and in the 21st century part of independent Montenegro.

Old Budva is a typical Mediterranean town, with small restaurants, squares, stone streets and ancient ruins. Be sure to climb the citadel or walk along the city walls.

And your personal guide in Montenegro will tell you why the favorite symbol of Budva is two fish, where the famous statue of a ballerina stands and how they lived in Budva two thousand years ago.

Also in the Old Town of Budva, you should definitely visit the Archaeological Museum and the Gallery of Stefan Mitrov Lubish.
Tour Details
  • Excursion duration Budva Old Town - 45 minutes
  • The cost is for a group of 1-10 people
  • Cost includes: support of the Russian-speaking guide, organization
  • Price does not include: museum tickets, souvenirs, food
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