Enduro motorcycle tour in Montenegro. Extreme Moto Tours in Montenegro

Excursions and tours for real extremes - enduro tours in Montenegro
About the tour
Excursions and tours for real extremes - enduro tours in Montenegro.
If you are a professional in extreme motor sport, an amateur or a beginner, we suggest visiting an enduro tour of the most beautiful and interesting places in Montenegro.

On enduro tours in Montenegro, we will go wherever you cannot get to another transport: old abandoned Austrian and ancient Turkish fortresses, mountain peaks with such panoramic views of the Adriatic Sea, which is awesome!

In the summer we ride high in the mountains and forests, in the off-season we ride along the very edge of the water to the best, and yet still deserted, Montenegrin beaches, in winter along snow-covered paths to mysterious monasteries.

The terrain in the Balkans is unpredictably diverse - rocky stones are replaced by a pine forest, asphalt suddenly ends in bad roads - you will not get bored!

And the ancient history and beauty here so much that you will not get tired of being surprised!
Tour details
  • Cost is per person
  • Cost includes: equipment, enduro or quad bike, instructor, organization, transfer to the base and back
  • Depending on the level of your skills, various programs are possible, from training to an extreme multi-day tour!
  • Book an enduro tour in Montenegro and we will contact you to discuss all the details!
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