Excursion Grand Canyons of Montenegro and Durmitor National Park

Great trip to all the canyons of Montenegro and Durmitor National Park
About the tour
A great journey across Montenegro from the coast and to the very north, which will take a whole day! On this individual excursion, we will visit with you all the canyons of the rivers of Montenegro, see Black and Piva Lake, walk along the Dzhurdzhevich bridge over the Tara river and drive through the heart of the National Park Durmitor!

Our journey will begin with the Montenegrin coast, the route will pass through the cities of Cetinje and Podgorica. We climb to the mountains, admire the panoramas and get to the central part of the country. From here the path leads to Lake Piva and the canyon of the River Piva. The name, of course, funny, but the places are very beautiful. The water is bright turquoise in color and is surrounded by high mountains and steep banks. There is also a monastery of the same name with an interesting history. It was built in Ottoman times, when it was only allowed to restore old religious objects. The Orthodox Piva Monastery arose due to the protectorate of the Ottoman Vizier, a relative of the superior. And the monastery looks like an ordinary house, but inside there is a rich decoration and magnificent frescoes.

Another ascent, even higher into the mountains - and we are in the territory of the National Park Durmitor. This park is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List and we will drive right through it, we will see mountain meadows and fancy peaks. One of the peaks is called a saddle, and indeed, in form, it is a curved high-altitude plateau resembling equestrian ammunition. Landscapes in these places are simply cosmic, people are rarely met, which adds to the park of mystery. I want to have a picnic on one of the empty meadows!

After passing through the National Park we will find ourselves in the town of Zabljak. Travelers stop here, from here all hiking routes along Durmitor start. In Zabljak we visit one of the 18 glacial lakes of the reserve - Black Lake, the largest and most beautiful in the park. It consists of two small lakes. Perhaps that is why the locals called the lake "the eyes of the mountains." But they look to the sky only in summer, and in winter and spring the lake is filled with water and becomes a single body of water.

Choose a place for lunch, and then continue to explore the north of Montenegro. Ahead of us is the Dzhurdzhevicha bridge, built before the Second World War. Then it was the highest automobile bridge in Europe, and even today, the height of 172 meters looks significant. At the bridge you can take a photo, buy souvenirs and rush through the "Zipline" (special cable) over the precipice.

The bridge was built over the canyon of the Tara River, which is part of the Durmitor National Park. The purest mountain river, which is often called the "tear of Europe", was also created by the deepest European canyon. The road passes right through the canyon, high cliffs overhead, and far below the river. Sometimes the road goes down to the river, and here you can swim, if you have the courage to plunge into the icy water.

Further, the road leads us to the river Moraca, carrying its waters into the famous Skadar Lake. On the steep river bank stands the monastery of the same name, founded in the 13th century, then destroyed by the Ottoman invaders and again restored in the 16th century by local enthusiasts. Moraca Monastery is operating, the monks are happy to receive visitors and allow you to enjoy the wonderful blooming area, see the ancient frescoes and drink a cup of coffee to the sound of the stream.

As soon as we leave the monastery - the river gains strength, the banks become higher and more severe and the next canyon begins - the canyon of the Moraca River. It is not as deep as the Tara Canyon, but the boulders here hang right overhead. We make a stop in Plateie gorge - the deepest part of the canyon. Even the sun penetrates here with difficulty, but rare trees grow on absolutely steep banks. Continue along the canyon Moraci to the capital of Montenegro.

Then we are waiting for the return to the coast. The route is very busy and you need to tune in to a long road and a lot of impressions. If possible, break it for 2 days overnight in Zabljak. Then it will be possible to fully see the incredible natural beauty and take a walk along the shore of the Black Lake.
About the tour
  • Duration of the tour Grand Canyons of Montenegro and Durmitor National Park - 12 hours
  • The cost is per vehicle 1-6 passengers
  • Cost includes: transport (passenger car or minivan), support of an English-speaking guide, organization
  • The price does not include: tickets to museums and national parks, flight on Zip Line, entrance to the territory of the Black Lake, souvenirs, food
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