Excursion Monasteries of Montenegro

Montenegro is known for its Orthodox shrines and artifacts, valuable for any denomination
About the tour
Montenegro is known for its Orthodox shrines and artifacts, valuable for any denomination. On this individual excursion, we will visit the unique Ostrog monastery and one of the most visited monasteries in Europe, the Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ in Podgorica, the cave churches of Daibabe and the Cetinsky monastery.

The monastery of Ostrog, is associated primarily with the name of the most revered Balkan St. Basil of Ostrog. Saint Basil helps people practicing different religions. And the building of the monastery itself is a miracle! The snow-white facade is built right into the rock at an altitude of 900 meters! Geographically, the monastery is located in the mountains between the cities of Nikshich and Podgorica, not far from the Montenegrin city of Danilovgrad.

Only in the summer months: in July, August and September, this monastery is visited by 250,000 to 300,000 believers and tourists, which makes it one of the largest Orthodox churches not only in the Balkans, but throughout Europe. The monastery was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which has XVII century frescoes. Another attraction of the monastery is that it has kept an aerial bomb from the Second World War since the German bombing, which, fortunately, did not explode, although it pierced the fence and the wall of the Church of the Holy Cross.

During your visit to Ostrog monastery, you will have an hour of free time to explore its inner part and see the unique vine growing directly out of the stone, and in the Church of the Holy Cross - to touch the relics of St. Basil of Ostrog. After exploring the monastery, you will have the opportunity to enjoy an amazing panoramic view from the 900-meter cliff, which is located in front of the Ostrog monastery.

Podgorica, Church of the Resurrection of Christ - the most luxurious in Montenegro. Modern, with a magnificent interior decoration, high domes and inexpressible atmosphere.

The Daibabe Monastery dates back to early Christian times, despite its small size, this monastery has unique churches and a history of origin.

The Tsetin Monastery is not just the residence of the Montenegrin Metropolitan and a historical monument. It is here that the particle of the Holy Cross and the right hand of John the Baptist are kept.
Tour Details
  • The duration of the tour Monasteries Monasteries - 8 hours
  • The cost is per vehicle 1-6 passengers
  • Cost includes: transport (passenger car or minivan), support of an English-speaking guide, organization
  • The price does not include: tickets to museums and national parks, souvenirs, food
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