Excursion Monastery Ostrog

Ostrog in the most famous monastery in Montenegro. The third most visited Orthodox shrine in the world
About the tour
Ostrog - the most famous monastery in Montenegro. The third most visited Orthodox shrine in the world and the present architectural wonder.

Hundreds of pilgrims aspire to the monastery to worship the relics of St. Basil. Father Vasily lived in the 17th century, was born and served in East Herzegovina, and after being appointed metropolitan, he moved to Ostrog.

In this monastery, Metropolitan Vasily finished his days, and after his death he was canonized. His relics turned out to be incorruptible and still, as they believe, heal.

On the day of St. Basil of Ostrog, May 12, up to 20 thousand pilgrims gather in Ostrog. And the monastery is quite small, consists of two cave churches and cave cells. Attached to the rock is a snow-white facade. And the building itself is located at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level. So from the monastery terrace there is a breathtaking view.

A mountain path leads to the monastery, a narrow and winding branch of the Nikshich-Podgorica highway. Passing through the plain, the road then rises sharply.

In addition to the main, upper male monastery, the complex includes a small church and a lower, female monastery.

The upper monastery can be reached by car or stone steps on foot from the lower monastery, as pilgrims do.

A visit to the monastery can be combined with a visit to Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro. See the city, have lunch and visit the Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the Resurrection.
The tour is not tiresome and takes half a day. It is better to arrive early in the morning, before the arrival of large tourist groups.
Tour Details
  • Duration of the tour Ostrog Monastery - 6 hours
  • The cost is per vehicle 1-6 passengers
  • Cost includes: transport (passenger car or minivan), support of an English-speaking guide, organization
  • The price does not include: tickets to museums and national parks, souvenirs, food
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