Paragliding in Montenegro. Paragliding over the Adriatic Sea

Montenegro is one of the most favorable resort countries for paragliding in Eastern Europe

About paragliding in Montenegro

Montenegro is one of the most favorable resort countries for paragliding in Eastern Europe. The southern mountain range of Montenegro, part of the Dinar Alps with peaks about 1000 meters above sea level, is located along the Adriatic coast. This mountain range is the most popular place for hiking in Montenegro, and it is also an ideal place for unforgettable paragliding!

It is here, at the turn of the two climates - cool continental and warm, sea, adriatic winds are created, allowing you to fly on a paraglider over the mountain peaks and the turquoise smooth surface of the sea as much as you want!

The climate in Montenegro is moderately continental, but paragliding is most comfortable in the spring, in the summer season and in the early autumn. From the north, the territory of Montenegro is protected from the flow of cold wind by the Dinaric highlands, the Adriatic delays warm air masses from the south, in winter these natural rules in Montenegro do not work!

From a bird's eye view on the paraglider from the air there are stunning views, the blue - turquoise Adriatic Sea, green and sometimes rocky Montenegrin majestic mountains, the red roofs of the old town of Budva, the infrastructure of resort towns and villages of the Budva coast - Budva, Becici, Rafailovia, Seti Stefan and Petrovac.

The favorable seasonal climate of Montenegro offers excellent conditions for paragliding for both beginners - flying in tandem, and experienced pilots - self-piloting. Our most experienced instructors have flight baggage on over 20,000 flights in various weather conditions. They saw from the air all the corners of Montenegro, they know and love their job! All our pilots have certificates and licenses!

Landing takes place on prepared sites, absolutely gently, where a "support group" with a bunch of cameras and cameras is already waiting for you!
What do you need for paragliding in Montenegro?

- The desire to soar like a bird and see the stunning panoramas of the Adriatic
- Age from 3 to 105 years
- Lack of fear of heights

Our "para - taxi" will take you from the center of Budva (Aparthotel Tre Cannes) at the time agreed in advance, take you to the point of paragliding and take you back from the landing area to the same place.

Excursion time Paragliding in Montenegro takes about 1 hour
Flights are carried out at the most favorable time of the day in Montenegro - from 11:00 to 17:00

It is not recommended to drink alcohol before the flight.
For paragliding, the following equipment attributes are required:
Loose, motionless clothing, sneakers, sunglasses.

Flight by paragliding can be planned in advance, and also can be spontaneously combined with some kind of not very long excursion around Montenegro, for example Montenegro Tour, Skadar Lake or Boka Kotorska Bay.
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