Excursion Skadar Lake and River Crnojevic

Fascinating excursion to the largest lake in the Balkans - Lake Skadar
About the tour
A fascinating excursion to the largest lake in the Balkans - Lake Skadar, the reserve of hundreds of species of birds and just a very beautiful place. The program includes an excursion to Lake Skadar by car, a boat ride through Rijeka Crnojević and Lake Skadar, lunch at a national fish restaurant.

We start the tour with a visit to the town of Rijeka Crnojevic. It is difficult to call it a town, only a few houses, but the place is very picturesque. The river, the old stone bridge, built in 1853 by the Montenegrin prince named Danilo in honor of his father Stanko Petrovich, and silence. Drink a cup of coffee, walk along the promenade, climb the bridge. The river of the same name, Rijeka Crnojevića, flows into Lake Skadar, so you can get to the lake directly from here by water.

If you haven't boarded a boat in Rijeka Crnojević, then we go by car to the town of Virpazar, it is from there that most of the boat trips on Skadar Lake start. On the way, we will meet wineries, of which there are many. The shores of Lake Skadar - the main wine region of Montenegro.

We arrive in Virpazar and rent a boat. A walk on Lake Skadar is, above all, the contemplation of magnificent nature. The largest Balkan lake, one of the five national parks of Montenegro, the ornithological reserve is all Skadar Lake. Several dozen species of birds live here, and several hundred species arrive for wintering and nesting. Birds are happy to pose for tourists, and the most successful will meet the pearl of the reserve - a white curly pelican.

Because of the hot summer, the waters of Lake Skadar are warming up perfectly. You can swim directly from the boat, and the captain will offer traditional treats made from donuts and cheese.
The shores and islands of the lake have historical sights. In these places, the Zeta Principality, the predecessor state of Montenegro, once existed. Wonderful stone monasteries and ruins of fortresses will help to diversify the boat trip.

After a boat trip, be sure to check out one of the Virpazar's restaurants. You will be served a traditional fish plate: fried carp, trout, eel and a glass of homemade wine.

Boat extra paid!
Tour Details
  • Duration of excursion Skadar Lake and Rijeka Crnojevic - 8 hours
  • The cost is per vehicle 1-6 passengers
  • Cost includes: transport (passenger car or minivan), support of an English-speaking guide, organization
  • The price does not include: tickets to museums and national parks, souvenirs, food
  • The cost of renting a boat is charged separately!
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