Herceg Novi from a different angle - a tour for children and adults

A fascinating excursion to the favorite city of Herceg Novi - a visit to the Old City, a boat ride to the Blue Cave, a new rope Adventure park "Vrbanj" for children and gastronomic pleasures in the Tavern Domestik!
About the tour
We thought how to create a unique tour and fit in one trip entertainment and exciting pastime for children, not tiring them with long journeys and "monotonous stories of guides about the history of Montenegro")), add something unforgettable and tasty for adults and, ultimately , to create a tour in which it will be interesting to all together - both adults and children!

We made it! Meet - family tour in the favorite Herceg Novi from another angle!
For all
In Herceg Novi - an old, original, unique and most beautiful city in Montenegro, we will get by driving for the most part Boka Kotorska Bay. The road from Budva to it will take us no more than 1.5 hours.

In the city, whose architectural appearance was created by Bosnians, Turks, Venetians, Austrians and even Spaniards, many military fortresses of different periods survived, one of which, Kanli Kula (Bloody Tower), was once a castle, fortress, and the most terrible and terrible prison, and now summer concerts and performances are held on its square. The Fort Mare Fortress (Sea Fortress), which was laid down in 1382 by the Bosnian King Tvrtko 1 is now an open-air cinema, and in the main clock tower in front of the entrance to the Old City - Sat Kula (Sahat Kula), the bas-relief "Black Madonna," depicting Our Lady, made on a black, burnt tree, is one of more than three hundred works created by the famous Sarayan sculptor Afran Hojich.

We walk through the main attractions of this city, which is located on a slope, will have to walk up stairs, in connection with which Herceg Novi is called the city of 1000 steps, but from almost every point of it there is a stunning view of the sea and the streets are twined with blooming plants and bushes and trees, which gave rise to another name Herceg Novi - the city of Flowers.
Acquainted with the history and examined all the sights of the Old Town, we will descend one of the many stairs to the embankment, go to Gradska Luka "Shkver" (city port "Shkver"), from where our boat trip to Zanjice beach, which has the unofficial name Presidential beach ", which in the time of Yugoslavia was closed to visitors, as it was one of the favorite holiday destinations of Joseph Broz Tito. We swim in the cleanest water, we can go to a cafe for a cup of coffee or have a snack and on another boat we will continue our journey to the Blue Cave (other names: Blue Grotto, Blue Grotto, Plava Spilja). Despite the possible doubts you might have about the blue color of water, believe me, you will not be left disappointed! The water in the grotto amazing, rich blue tint!
We will enter the grotto right on the boat through a very low opening in the rock, and inside we will be able to dive from the board, swim in the "blue water" and take great photos! We will have 15-20 minutes for swimming, because a lot of tourists want to see this miracle of nature and we will need to give up the place as follows)
On the way to the Blue Cave and back we will pass by the round island Lastavitsa (Swallow), later called Mamula, in connection with the construction on it during the reign of the Austro-Hungarian Empire of the eponymous defensive fort to defend the Bay of Kotor. Fort Mamula perfectly preserved, and until recently was open to the public, but now it is impossible to get there, due to the start of construction on the island of a five-star hotel!
For kids
We return to Herceg Novi Luka Škver also on a boat and begin our mountain journey by car to one of the peaks of the Dinar Highland - Mount Orien, along serpentines, with stunning panoramic views, we find ourselves in the authentic village Vrban, which is practically not visited by the mass tourist.
It's time to run away from the heat, entertain children, and you can also try yourself in agility and dexterity! We are going to a new rope Adventure park - Vrbanj. Four tracks of varying difficulty, a lot of obstacles that require not only strength and endurance, but also ingenuity, several Zip-line tracks, stretched under the very crowns of tall beeches. Here everyone will feel like a hero of an adventure film, will get a lot of impressions and pleasure!
For adults
After physical exertion and active rest, it's time to eat! From the park, our path leads to the Domestic Tavern. We will meet a wonderful person, Bane, the owner of the tourist business in Herceg Novi, who revived the traditions of his family, whose history goes back many centuries and created with his own hands a unique "sushara", a place to cook the most important national Montenegrin meat product. "Sushara" is made according to old traditions with the use of modern materials, it is attached directly to the natural rock and is in a place that is ideal for complying with all the subtleties of the recipe production. Bane will tell us the technology, treat him with home-made cow cheese, prushut, sausages, fresh salads and homemade eggs, as well as unique home-made wine that runs straight from the rock, in connection with which he was given the name Stone! For lovers of stronger - home vine (grape brandy), and for children the juice of sage from the sage - refreshing and very useful!
Awesome atmosphere, host hospitality, home coloring will not leave you indifferent and you will want to come back here again! The beauty of this place is also the fact that there are practically no tourists here, and all the products are prshut, cheese, wine and brandy, produced only for personal purposes, for friends, guests and relatives, and not for mass realization, and therefore saved and absolutely all national traditions are maintained at the highest level!
After such a trip both children and adults will be satisfied, you will have something to tell your friends and share this unusual excursion!
бане паликуча, национальная таверна, таверна доместик врбань
Bane Palikuca
Businessman and founder of the national Domestic Tavern
Program and details
— Departure from the Montenegrin coast
09:30 - 10:20
— Visiting Herceg Novi Old Town
10:30 - 14:00
— Zhanjice beach and the Blue Cave
15:00 - 17:00
— Adventure Park Vrban
17:20 - 18:00
— Tasting and dinner at the national Tavern Domestic
18:10 - 19-40
— Return to the coast of Montenegro
Excursion cost
€ 120/person
  • Number of participants: from 2 to 6 people
  • Cost includes:
  • comfortable car or minivan, fuel, soft drinks in the car (juice, water),
  • English speaking guide
  • Travel by boat from Herceg Novi to Zanjice beach and back,
  • Travel by boat from Zanjice beach to the Blue cave and back,
  • Entrance tickets to Adventure Park Vrbanj,
  • Light dinner and tasting homemade food / cheese / wine / rakija in the Domestic Tavern,
  • organization.
The price does not include: coffee breaks, lunch
* This is an individual tour, only for you and your group, we do not take extra passengers. The cost does not vary with the number of people in your group.
* For children up to 6 years old, the discount is 50%
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